Cute Baby Rabbit Loves a Snuggle and Fuss – Carlys Mini Lop/dwarf/holland Bunnies Part 5

08/11/2018OtherBaby,Mini Lop

Video Information

Source : YouTube
Channel : Carly Charles
Published : 08/16/2016
Duration : 3:48

(sorry about the strangeness of the video, makes me feel a little sea sick, wont use the steady fix option again oops still learning)… Update no.5… 13 Day Old Mini Lop Bunny Rabbit Kit. When I move my hand away from baby she seeks out my hand, snuggles in and waits for me to stroke her. She falls asleep to strokes and she falls asleep in my hands too. Bunny has no litter mates and it breaks my heart as the litter mates would be grooming each other. Keep your fingers crossed for this babies survival. This baby is my bunny Lupo’s only surviving runt baby from a litter of 6 (born 02.08.16). Lupo mummy is doing a fantastic job by the looks of this little chunk!