Baby bunny binkies


Video Information

Source : YouTube
Channel : russdill
Published : 05/16/2013
Duration : 2:58

In mid-March (around Easter) I found a domestic dwarf bunny that someone ditched in a field. Unknown to us she was pregnant and gave birth to a litter of 4 kits.

Peanut is the name we gave mom (it is changeable), she is a dwarf bunny (3.4 lbs) and super sweet and mellow. She is mostly white with grey/light brown tips and a couple grey streaks on he back, she has warm brown eyes and is litter box trained. There are 4 kits- Smokey, Frodo and Sam are female (we need to change their names) and Sweat Pea is male. We named them before we sexed them.

Sweet Pea and Smokey are the more active of the 4 kits. They are bold and fun to be around. Sam and Frodo look identical right now (both fluffy and black with light brown tufts around their feet).